Why is Athena preferred by students?

Athena provides students with the time tested and cost effective process that enables them a quick admission. It also lets students to choose the best Universities and colleges in India to fulfill their education appetite. The only destination of Athena is India which is why students find us credible to give them the best institution for their education there. Counseling and guidance offered to students are totally scientific and students feel comfortable to deal with us. We do not keep any hidden cost for students because of which students trust us for giving them economical packages.


To work as an Authorized Representative of your college in Nepal

Athena has already served more than two thousand students successfully in India. Higher education in India starts after the higher secondary or 12th Standard. Students who prefer education rather than earning prefer India as their first choice. The flow of students wanting to study in India is truly commendable in present scenario.

It is a general fact that India is the best education provider in the world and the fastest developing country. India is rapidly building up its human capital base. The educational structure in India which operates at all conceivable levels from preschool to post-doctoralis of monumental proportions.

How can Athena  be positively effective for your institution?

Athena has put up an impression over thousands of students all over Nepal to be one of the most reliable education consultants for sending Nepalese students in India. Athena has always been lucky with the qualified staffs who are so very dedicated to work as a family and this has been giving an effective result. Over 2000 students have been sent to India for education purpose from Athena. The only concentration of Athena has been focused to Indian institution; since it is the best option, an student can get for his/her better education. This dedication has always been increasing the flow of students (10-20 students in average per day) visiting us for Indian education. “We being with you" is an asset to both of us for our major purpose i.e. education business.

Business plans and strategy to promote your Esteemed Organization.

  • Our representation for your institution would prove to be helpful in making business plans and strategy for the genuine promotion of Indian education. We will refer your institution to our clients through participation in education fair during the high time which happens to be June, July and August.(4 to 5 Edu. Fair will be required for one session).
  • Advertisement is always the best way for promotion. Hoarding boards can be one of the best options in Nepal. We will be putting minimum three to maximum six hoarding boards with the introduction of your institution.
  • In addition to this, advertisement in print media is still popular and credible in Nepal. We will be advertising about your institution in the top daily newspapers.
  • Depending on the requirements given by college representative, we will go for spot admission for two to three times.
  • Also pole banners will be held when and where required. TV Scrolling is also effective way for promotion.